Fishery and Aquaculture

About Me

Work as trawl net researcher on Antarctic Ocean

Hi, I am Hui Cheng, currently a PhD research fellow at University of Stavanger. My research is primarily in fishery and aquaculture.

Research interests

  • Dynamic analysis of offshore aquaculture structures
  • Design and optimization of trawl nets
  • Flow field around artificial reefs
  • Hydrodynamic performance of otter board
  • Selectivity of fishing gears

Project Figures

Research Blogs

  • Major threats to Atlantic salmon in Norway

    September 29, 2020 by

    Infections related to fish farming. Wild fish are the original source of pathogens causing diseases in farmed fish, but farming provides conditions for proliferation and spread among farmed fish and back to wild fish. The use of fish from Scotland and Denmark in aquaculture operations in Norway provided a vector for the transmission of the… Read more

  • 因果关系

    September 28, 2020 by

    对待简单的问题,人们比较容易区分因果。但是如果问题复杂,影响的因素太多的时候,因果关系就不容建立起来。 未完待续。。。 例如:有一些人将中国制造的产品质量不好,归咎于中国共产党对国家的领导。这种观点明显属于掌握的信息不全而导致的奇葩推断。我个人推测这些人的逻辑是:质量不好的产品是中国造的—》中国是由中国共产党领导的—》所以中国共产党对中国领导得不好。对于有这种逻辑链的人我建议是多一点书,学习一下逻辑推理。 中国人到国外留学的时候,会发现西方发达的资本主义社会普遍实行的是民主政治,于是认为,民主政治是国家富强的原因。许多人都会进入这种因为片面认识而导致的陷阱。因为民主和国家富强并不是因果关系。我们看到的民主,是因为西方国家富强了才有的民主,而不是因为民主而使得西方富强。如果翻开历史,我们会看到西方资本主义国家的发展历完全是血腥的、没有任何民主可言的、反人类的殖民史。现在西方所谓的民主,是因为有了足够的国家资本才会去支撑的外壳。再看一下近现代史,凡是利用西方民主政治这一概念来进行治国的国家没有任何一个走向了富强。

  • The porous media model for netting in essence

    December 19, 2019 by

    The porous media model has been used to investigate the fluid through and around a netting for a decade (Patursson, 2010). The flow is described using the equation proposed by Darcy (1856) and Forchheimer (1901). The equation is used to address the resistance force on fluid. The first term addresses a linear relation between the… Read more

  • Netting in aquaculture

    November 23, 2019 by

    The cage net is the most valuable component in any fish cage system. Net characteristics and cage design can make the difference between a successful fish farm and failure. The netting must be tailored to each farm. Nylon knotted netting was widely used in the early stages of cage aquaculture because knotted nets were traditionally… Read more

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